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Abstract Artist 

“Poetry, painting flows... Let yourself dive into this madness... Let it flow from shape to form to texture to color through your feelings... Just as life flows...”
 Çağla Saydağ Karter

Cagla is an artist from Istanbul, with a special focus on poetry and painting. Her paintings draw its inspiration from the feelings; weaknesses, happiness, love, anger all wanting to be alive by expressionism through colors and abstract forms. 

Originally trained in economics in Istanbul and business in USA, Cagla developed an emotional connection with organic and inorganic shapes /lines while managing her family’s organic farming business in Turkey. Being in nature helped her admire and respect all forms around her, opening her eyes to new ways of seeing. She practiced further in Anna Schipper Studio in Moscow between 2011-2013 and Maria Peat Art Studio between 2016-2020 in Dubai. In May 2020, she received her diploma in Abstract Art from Lotus Educational Institute.

Her works of art has been exhibited in Dubai, Varna, Bodrum and Istanbul. 

“That moment when you stop thinking, controlling but let your feelings lead the way, let the colors and textures of your soul shine, is priceless”



Economics, BA Degree, Bogazici University


Business Administration, MBA Degree, Carnegie Mellon University

2011 - 2013

Anna Schipper Studio (Russia/Moscow)

2016 - 2020

Maria Peat Art Studio(UAE/Dubai/Ductac)

2017 - 2020

Lotus Educational Institute/ Abstract Artist Diploma/ Dubai

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